Special Contribution Award

Yu Lung-Hui

After dropping out of junior high, Yu Lung-Hui studied painting under Chen Hai-Hong for a year. His debut won him fame, and he spent the next 13 years publishing nearly 200 books in 80 sets. During this time, he was also the deputy editor at Never Forget Publishing, as well as editor and consultant to other publishing houses including Zhiming, Taizi, and New Youth. He later became an executive at a construction company, advertising firm, cartoon studio, and printing firm.

Comic of the Year

Pink Ribbon

Lolita girl Lu Miao meets the petite Yu-Xuan at the fair. She wants Yu-Xuan to dress like Lolita, too. Even though Lu Miao knows that Yu-Xuan is falling in love, she still wants her to wear such a costume. Yet she finds herself changing, too. Innocent love between girls is quietly sprouting!
Author: Monday Recover
In 2016, Monday Recover worked with Taiwan Television Enterprise, Public Television Service, and Gala Television on a production of the QSeries piece "Love of Sandstorm," a piece that was well-received by both viewers and readers alike. In 2017, working with Tong Li Publishing Star Girls monthly, she began the serialization of Pink Ribbon. Through the meticulous design and illustrations of the author, the series tells of campus love. With one character costumed as a young girl-Lolita, and the beautiful closeness young women can develop with each other, the series won the hearts of readers. From February 2018 through March 2019, her The Basics of Food was serialized in Future Children monthly, in which the alien Yami teaches children about foods. Also in 2018, she worked with author of historical comics Yang Shuang-Zi on the 40-page comic novelette Heaven on Earth presented in Creative Comics Collection Volumes 4 and 5.
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