Winners of 10th Golden Comic Awards acclaimed at comic festivals in France, Japan

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In 2018, the Ministry of Culture began to arrange for winners of the Golden Comic Awards to travel to comic festivals abroad to foster international exchanges and to market Taiwan’s unique brand of comics. These exchanges have fostered new growth opportunities for Taiwan’s comics. This year, traveling to the BD BOUM Festival in France were winner of the Best Comic for Young Adults HOM and Ko Yen-Hsin; Best Comic for Teenage Boys Yeh Ming-Hsuan; and Best Comic for Kids Tsui Li-Chun. Attending the Kaigai Manga Festa in Japan were Best Comic for Teenage Girls and Comic of the Year winner Monday Recover; Best Comic Strip Collection winner Ao You-Xiang; Best Editor winner Hung Ya-Wen; as well as Best New Talent winner Wu Yu-Shi.

BD BOUM is one of France’s three largest comics festivals and is attended by comic artists, publishers, and agents from all over the world. This year’s festival was held from November 22-24, and Taiwan was the only Asian nation to send representatives. Sales of Taiwan’s comics were brisk, showing that graphic novels have a charm that transcends language. Mini-workshops held on sight gave Taiwan’s comics the opportunity to show off their skills to members of the public. HOM, Ko Yen-Hsin, Tsui Li-Chun and others shared the history of Taiwan’s comics at a panel held alongside the event, introducing many Golden Comic Award winning works. This was an excellent opportunity to help more people in Europe learn about Taiwan’s comics.

Building on last year’s acclaimed cooperation with Kaigai Manga Festa, four of Taiwan’s Golden Comic Award winners attended this year’s extravaganza, held on November 30 and December 1. Members of the Japanese public not only purchased comics, but also declared that they wanted to travel to Taiwan to purchase more of Taiwan’s comics. The most entertaining part of the Festa came with an invitation by the organizers for attending comics from all over the world to create a work of art based on a provided theme. Among the themes provided was “What object will be popular next year?” Monday Recover responded to this by creating a wildly drawn, but therapeutic, rabbit. Wu Yu-Shi came up with a bold but, at the same time cute, cat. These creations were eaten up by fans. During a panel, Ao You-Xiang shared how he had changed as the result of the creative process, while Hung Ya-Wen introduced Hero Alone: Inside Chen Uen's World, which made a deep impression on the audience.

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