Scrolls of a Northern City 1, 2

Scrolls of a Northern City is set in the Taipei of 1935. The Great Taiwan Exhibition is about to open, and the newly founded city shines like in a dream, sparkling bright in the night. In the northernmost corner of the city, in first floor of Café Bai-Hua-Tang (The Hall of a Hundred Paintings), the scent of freshly baked pastries wafts into the air and pretty waitresses wearing kimonos and frilled aprons attend to the customers. On the second floor is the owner’s private library, containing a large and diverse collection of books. Spirits roam the shelves, reading at their leisure. Even more surprising perhaps, is that the handsome young owner appears to be hiding a secret power, only to be revealed when things start to go wrong…
This book made up of three short stories, each incorporating elements of fantasy. AKRU depicts the story of a mysterious and magical shopkeeper who is a medium for the spirits with careful brushstrokes, instilling both the historical background and the sentiments of the characters a dreamlike romance.
publisher:GAEA BOOKS, Co., Ltd
AKRU started reading manga from a young age. In university she majored in anthropology, while also teaching herself how to colour and scan line work on the side. In 2007 her debut, The Underwater Moon, an adaptation of a traditional folk story, won several awards, making her a recognised comic artist.
Despite the incredible success of Scrolls of a Northern City, with the sequel topping the bestseller charts for three weeks, AKRU does not plan to give up self-publishing some of her original works in doujinshi, which she feels give her not only a greater degree of creative freedom, but also because she sees this work as an important way of maintaining a dialogue with her readers.