A Teatime Adventure 1, 2

After becoming a treaty port following the Tianjin Accords of 1858, Tamsui is flooded with ambitious entrepreneurs. After studying the climate of Taiwan, the Scotsman John Dodd is optimistic about the future development of the tea industry in Taiwan. He sets up a firm in preparation to grow and export tea. Around the same time, Li Chun-Sheng arrives from Xiamen. His proficiency in English allows Chun-Sheng to become Dodd's assistant, but they find themselves facing disinterested local tea farmers, obstinate government officials, cheating business partners, among many other difficulties. Despite the odds, they manage to struggle on and make real names for themselves in the history of tea industry in Taiwan.
publisher:GAEA BOOKS, Co., Ltd
author:Kiya Chang
Born in 1988, Kiya Chang is the daughter of a Chiayi tea farmer. To realise her goal of becoming professional comic artist, she changed schools to the Fu-Hsin Trade and Arts School in Taipei. But not until2007 was she finally given the opportunity to have her work serialised in a monthly magazine, with the baseball comic Take Me Out to the Ball Park. Eager to know more about tea in Taiwan, she started to draw comics on the subject. Aside from this book and its sequel, she has also written and illustrated The Tea Farmer’s Almanac, providing fun facts and anecdotes about tea. In 2015 she was chosen to represent Taiwan at the Angoulême International Comics Festival and also at the Frankfurt Book Fair.