The classics live on, and the hand puppet shows are forever. This is a profile of the history of Taiwan’s puppet art, starring classic characters alongside historical figures, instilling human warmth into this evergreen genre. Taiwan’s local hand puppet theatre was banned during the Japanese colonial era, and then was suppressed by the KMT government in the 1960s. The show business itself was also seriously hurt by keen competition between troupes. A long-forgotten character, however, is set to change all this with its revival on the screen. The glory days of Taiwan’s puppet shows are brought to life in this story of the puppetmasters and their rich heritage passed on from generation to generation.
publisher:GAEA BOOKS, Co., Ltd.
The author was born in Taipei and is a comics artist. Though being fond of freedom, he cannot help himself creating comics. As a result, he decides to take comics artist as his life-time profession. His work “DRAGON SWORDSMAN VS. THE MISTERY MAN” was nominated for The 6th Golden Comic Awards by The Ministry of Culture of Taiwan and the copyright has been licensed to Japanese digital edition and Thai edition. The copyright of another work “Alice in Mechaland” has also been licensed to French and Russian Edition.