Love and War

Chien, Tsai-Hsi is a first grade high school girl who is sexually harassed by male students and then got and suffered from Androphobia. Now she has obstacles with male interactions.
Chou, Ku-Yang is a classmate from next-door who is very popular boy and loved by countless female classmates. Ku-Yang is somewhat feminine and loves small, cute stationary.
Tsai-Hsi found that although she was afraid of contacting boys, she didn’t fear Ku-Yang or any interaction with him. She asks him to help her get over her fear of boys….
author:PAI , LI - SHIN
  • For the 5th Annual The Newcomers Award for SPP Original Cartoonists.
  • Winner of the “SPP Best Talent for Comics for Girls.”
  • Author’s Works: From beginning to end of teenage years;
  • “Monmon” 2018 Illustration of Constellations.
  • “Tower of Saviors” Comic Strip – Cooperative Illustrator.
  • Publications-“Love and War