Koxinga Z

Frederick Coyett, last Dutch governor of Taiwan, who attempted to create a multi-ethnic community in Taiwan while maintaining control over the island’s resources, yet would live to watch twenty-five thousand Chinese troops destroy his forces and drive him off the island. Facing Coyett from across battle lines is Koxinga, the young Ming loyalist and son of a pirate who would eventually found his own kingdom on Taiwan.
publisher:GAEA BOOKS, Co., Ltd.
author:Li Lung-chieh
Li Lung-chieh is a Taiwanese comic artist. Some of his works include “Roachgirl” and “Taiwan Determination: Legend of Beigang”. His work “Ichthyophobia” won the Silver Award at the 9th International Manga Award, and the Best Comic for Young Adults at the 7th Golden Comic Awards in 2016.