Pico the witch

Welcome to “PicoPico” the magic house! As long as to you offer appropriate rewards, Pico will make your wishes come true through magic. Although magic House “PicoPico” is officially opened for business, somehow only weird people come for help. A girl in raincoat with a raining cloud over her head all the time, a long hair lady with a mysterious past troubled by weird disease… the problems they have trouble the owner of the magic house – Pico the witch. In the night full of glittering stars, the mysterious magic house is waiting for your visit. The story of a fancy world made by magic begins now! Together are all recorded in Pico’s witch note.
author:Zhi-Yi + ZEI
She started to create fashion illustration in 2003, and the works could be seen in magazines, novels and accessories in various types. In 2009, she expanded her creative field to comics world and published her first comic work “Rainbow Smile” in 2010. In the next year her first illustration book “Pico Pico” came out. Now she publishes “Pico the witch” as a serialization in Star Girls Monthly Magazine, and the work’s single book currently publish out the fifth episodes but not the end. Her creative style is delicate and various, and she is good at using the European classic and Gothic elements to create a special magical world. She uses the painting way of modern sense to create a new world that is different from typical girls’ comics. Except for the cover illustration and comic works, she corporates with many young fashion brands and designs some three-dimensional commodity.