Why Not? 3

Jheng-Hsin and Cheng are best friends with opposite characters. Ni-Ni is Cheng’s beloved younger sister. Jheng-Hsin treats her as his own sister as well. However, the great time for the three people together ceased when Jheng-Hsin left abruptly in high school. The brother and sister has not in contact with Jheng-Hsin since then. Ten years later, Ni-Ni was accepted to the college, and happened to become Jheng-Hsin’s neighbor. She found out that there’s a heart wrenching secret about Jheng-Hsin, that made Ni-Ni decide to watch over him.
Meticulous Paper Director
Young girl’s comic book author Cory’s four-box comic illustration column “Cory Paints Cory” serialized in young girl’s comic book monthly MonMon in 2008 won resounding feedback and caused a heated debate among the readers. Lovely, Lovely, Lovely, the campus love story serialized in Honey monthly starting January, 2009, quickly captivated the hearts of the readers with its clear, translucent illustration style and the outstanding flowing storytelling. She also published the first volume of Lovely, Lovely, Lovely at the Comic Book Expo in 2009. Another story, Make a wish! Da-xi, won her the grand prize at Ministry of Culture’s Golden Comic Awards several times. Her new story, Why Not?, is currently still in its acclaimed serialization on Honey monthly.