Princess Chef 6、7

I am ZHUO MU LIAN , a virile man. Just because Dad and Emperor took it upon themselves to make match for me, I am extremely skillful in martial arts but in vain. I not only can’t join the army to win my own military exploits, but also can’t marry a concubine! OK! Under the circumstances, I decide to be a phantom of the princess’ husband and spend my time in drinking and pleasure all day! There is a canteen hidden in a corner of the city. The food there is really delicious…The cook there is a impudent girl. She always cooks spicy food that I hate the most… However, unexpectedly I miss the taste of the food so much that I can’t sleep at night… The girl keeps calling me “Uncle”! How dare she!
author:Yi Huan
After graduating from college, Yi Huan entered the comics publishing as an editor, and she participated in the second prize of the Comic Award and started began a manga creator. She created many manga on the girl’s comic magazine for many years. In 2000, she entered TongLi Publishing and published in comic magazines such as "Margaret" and "Star Girls". There were more than 50 comics book have been published by 2013, and the first illustrator book was published in February 2012.She is not only good at the style of Chinese costumes, but also good at various story, just like fairy tales, campus love , martial arts, etc. She got many comic awards, and she also behalf of Taiwan to participate in Angoulême International Comics Festival.