In an old town lives a hard-working baker Baker, who loves traveling.
He has a pet fish Bo-bo in his fish tank. Every time when Bo-bo eats the special bread Baker bakes, it will turn into a huge flying fish and carry Baker on the back for a journey in search of spices. The journey not only adds new flavors to bread but also instills new energy into their lives.
publisher:Dala Publishing Company
author:VK Chen (Chen Wen-Sheng)
VK Chen (Chen Wen-Sheng) has had an ardent passion for comics and animation since he was little and took up his first job at Wang Film Productions. Working full-time as an animator for over ten years, Chen began using his spare time to design graphic novels of his own. Deeply inspired by Star Wars and other science fiction tales of distance and scope, he creates work that intentionally stretches the boundaries of the imagination.