THE KING OF NOTHING 5th Anniversary

LAIMO : THE KING OF NOTHING 5th Anniversary, created by one of the most successful Taiwanese comics creator and artist Cherng, is not just any comic book, it also tells the stories behind all the works of Cherng that one may want to know!
The Creator of LAIMO, an anthropomorphic character of Malayan tapir – Cherng, started his creation on social media in 2012. Cherng’s usual posts of current affairs with a tinge of unique humour, was very well-liked by the netizens, and have earned a large number of fans over the years. LAIMO became a name that is often seen joint with brands and products in Taiwan, and in 2015, LAIMO also collaborated with Japanese companies such as Loft department, Seibu Railway and Sanrio, where he did a crossover with Gudetama. This 2017, to celebrate his fifth year in creating LAIMO, there will be a themed exhibition to showcase his works and sharing stories that you may not have already known about him. Cherng hopes his creation will continue to touch more people with his works of this monochrome character, Laimo.