Publishers, curators and other industry professionals from Taiwan and abroad will meet their counterparts at two themed Networking sessions to open up new markets and opportunities for their works. By delivering business presentations and highlighting their profiles, the Networking session is the real-time gathering of business connection for all participants.
Time / Date10/1 MON10/2 TUE

Networking 1

Special Presentation: “Scrolls of a Northern City”14F


Networking 2

Comic Festivals & Curators

Networking 3

Licensing, Film/TV & Cross-Media Application


Networking 1:Special Presentation: “Scrolls of a Northern City” 14F Networking 2:Comic Festivals & Curators
  • Paul Gravett
    Writer, Curator, Critic & Lecturer / UK
    Since 2001, I have been a self-employed specialist in international comics art. I have written many books and articles for magazines and newspapers, curated numerous exhibitions, co-directed Comica, the London International Comics Festival, and co-published graphic novels under the imprint Escape Books.
  • Laurent Mélikian
    Global Comics Specialist / Comics without borders, France
    Laurent Melikian was born in France in 1965, a country where comics culture obtained a large notoriety. He has been a comics critic for different French magazines for the past twenty-five years. Apart from his occupation on French publications, he's been studying comics popular phenomenon around the world. Convinced that widely known characters such as Asterix, San Mao or Monica can become ambassadors of their native culture, he’s been giving lectures and curating exhibitions about global comics in France, Algeria, Armenia, Belgium, Korea, China… To give new supports to his initiative such has a project of international workshop, he created in 2017 the association Comics without borders – Bandes dessinées sans frontières.
  • HEW Kuan Yau
    Curator / Asia Comic Cultural Museum, Malaysia
    To preserve and promote local comic culture in Malaysia, and to facilitate exchanges in Asia about comic art, PYDC under Penang government collaborates with Malaysia Mandarin Comics Society to start Asia Comic Cultural Museum.
    Located on the second floor at Komtar Tower at Penang, the 13000-square-meter museum officially opens on May 28th, 2016.
    The museum collects comics from nine countries and regions in Asia, and exhibits manuscripts, copies, books, and peripherals from 280 noted comic artists. It reviews comic development over the past century in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. It represents comic culture and its charisma, highlights milestones in comic art, and preserves collective memories.
    The museum also set up five special sections, including Zunar, Tony Wong, Ma Wing-shing, seasonal curations, and family zone. The museum also contains a screen room to broadcast behind-the-scene videos, and organize fan events.
    Asia Comic Cultural Museum balances between culture, education, history, art and entertainment. It fits into education, entertainment and enrichment standards of a modern museum.
  • DAIRIKI Yuki
    Executive Board / International Comic Festival (Kaigai Manga Festa), Japan
    With COMITIA's cooperation, the first “Tokyo International Comic Festival (Kaigai Manga Festa)” was held on November 18th, 2012, and was supported by the embassies of seven countries, Cultural Exchange Bureaux, several publishers and numerous manga artists.
    Our hope is to provide a platform where people all around the world, who love comics, manga, bande dessinee, whatever they are called, can freely communicate and feel connected.
    We are sincerely looking forward to seeing you in Tokyo Big Sight on 25th November 2018 !!
Networking 3:Licensing, Film/TV & Cross-Media Application
  • Elisabeth WOLF
    Company Owner and Founder / Chinabooks E. Wolf, Switzerland
    The Swiss company is a publisher of textbooks for learning Chinese as a foreign language as well of Manhua, comics from the Chinese-speaking areas of the world (Taiwan, Hongkong, mainland China, overseas Chinese-speaking community). Currently about 70% of our Manhua publications are by Taiwanese artists. We are currently the only publisher in the German-speaking area of Europe that solely focuses on publishing Manhua.
    The company was founded in 2005. We are a private-owned company.
    Artists that we have published so far or will publish soon:
    Taiwanese artists: Jimmy Liao, Chen Uen, Sean Chuang, Enzo, Ruan Guangmin, Lao Pei (we are currently still in negotiations for buying German rights of titles by Cai Zhizhong)
    Mainland Chinese artists: Jidi, Ageng, Zhang Jing, Liu Jing
    The founder and owner of Chinabooks is Elisabeth Wolf, a German-Austrian national who grew up in Switzerland. After studying a few semesters of Sinology at University of Zurich, where she met her husband Erchen Wu, a Swiss national who was born in Shanghai, the couple decided to open a online bookstore for Chinese language publications in Zurich. This online bookstore later developed into a publishing house.
  • OSATO Yuji
    COO / Access Bright, Japan
    Responsible person in charge of Konami Co., Ltd, a well-known Japanese game company.
    Engaged in many well-known projects of Konami, leading Japan in the online game market, mobile game market and social game market.
    April, 2000 Fire Bond Japan
    Jan , 2003 Konami Co., Ltd
    April, 2008 Internet Revolution, Inc. / Operating Officer
    Oct, 2010 Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.
    Aug, 2016 AccessBright.Inc. / COO
  • Lung YEH
    General Manager / 345YEH Corporation, Taiwan
    The "JhugeShiro" series was created by Mr. Yeh, Hong-Chia, a pioneer in Taiwan's comic books; and is the common childhood memory shared by generations of Taiwanese born during the period of 1945-1965 (the so-called "345 Grades"). In the "Childhood" song that Luo Dayou created and everyone can catch up, "JhugeShiro" and the Devil Party, who ended up with the sword" has been well enjoyed and remembered.
    345Yeh Corporation was awarded the complete IP authorization of "JhugeShiro" two years ago, and strives to collect, digitally repair, document, re-issue and share online this important cultural asset. We are dedicated not only to bring back the fond memory of "JhugeShiro" to "345 Grades", but also to cross over to stage show, 3D comics and 3D animation to let cross-generations of grandparents and grandchildren share and love the same heroes of Taiwanese comics.
  • Michael LIN
    Executive Producer / Kiwing Studios, Taiwan
    Kiwing Studios has dedicated to developing film and television works for many years, especially related to Taiwanese culture. In 2017, we launched a series of works adaptation of the drama re-writing program and is committed to filming Taiwan's popular comics and novels. The first work, which features the Golden Comic Award-winning comic book "Scrolls of a Northern City", into the film teaser. We looking to produce high-quality films and TV series in the era of the rapid development of internet entertainment, and introduce Taiwanese culture to the world.