The works of this year’s Golden Comic Awards nominees’ will not be the only ones exhibited during the GCA Connection+ events time. Two other special themed exhibits will be presented at the exhibition. One is an exhibit of outstanding works and applications with high commercialization potential created at XR Hack Fest through a competitive process based on original content made by local comics artists. The other is an exhibit of the feature film ‘Scrolls of A Northern City’, which is the most anticipated comics to film adaptation.

"Yong-Jiu Grocery Store" Extended Reality (XR) Application Exhibition

Renowned comic artist Ruan Guang-Min has published several best-selling works. His latest publication, Yong-Jiu Grocery Store, describes a young man who returns to his hometown and takes over the family grocery store, after his grandfather is hospitalized. This comic book was recognized twice by the Golden Comic Awards in 2017. In the XR Hack Fest supervised by the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Economic Affairs this year, the story and characters of Yong-Jiu Grocery Store are selected as materials for contestants to use in their participating programs. In Golden Comic Awards event this year, three teams will exhibit their award- winning programs.
  • A Day at the Grocery Store /Team: Old Driver
    For people in the modern age, it is not easy to be exposed to characteristics and lifestyle cultures that are uniquely "Taiwanese." Augmented Reality (AR) and comics bridged such a gap, allowing us to walk into the lives of grassroot Taiwanese people from an earlier time whenever we wish. The user can step into an animated world, and serve as the shop keeper of the Yong-Jiu Grocery Store for a day, and interact with various characters from the comics. Other then experiencing a linear story, the user will also be able to explore the world within the comic, interact with objects within this world, and discover the ups and downs of ordinary life through the interwoven tapestry of relationships, emotions, and places.
  • Memory Grocery/Team: James Weed Studio
    Chun-lung decided not to take over the grocery store run by his grandparents.Instead, he moved to Taipei to work after graduation. One day, a hasty phone call informed him of his grandpa's illness, in order to continue serving the neighborhood, Chun-lung's grandma asked him to taking a leave from his company. Chun-lung reluctantly arrived back at his hometown to help, so that grandma could care for grandpa in the hospital. After resting for a while, Chun-lung realized that he has locked himself in the store, and must explore the premises in order to find the key. Over the course of the search, Chun-lung uncovered many memories shared by his grandparents, will these memories change the way Chun- lung perceives the grocery store?
  • Recollections of an A-po/Team: GT Fighter Jet
    This is an interactive virtual reality (VR) theater, as mentioned in the comics: to live here is to inexplicably gain a bunch of relatives with no blood relations. Players will assume the role of a pedestrian, a good samaritan who proactively assists the elderly grandma in recalling her memories. Through the process of the game's character recalling various memories, the surrounding scene would continually shift in accordance, suggesting the possibility of expanding one's horizon through communication, and that to leave the crowd is to make one blind. Other details in the game also correspond to various hidden sentiments.

“Scrolls of a Northern City” Feature Film Exhibition

“Scrolls of a Northern City” Transformed Into Motion Picture
Recreating the Bai-Hua-Tang.
The event recreated the scene “ Bai-Hua-Tang” from the movie “Scrolls of a Northern City, “ allowing the audiences to step into the story, while acquiring further understanding of the creative process of transforming comics into a motion picture.
  • Synopsis
    Taipei City in 1935 was as beautiful as a dream, even the night glittered with fluorescent colors......At the north corner of the city, stood a coffee shop named "Bai-Hua-Tang." The first floor bustling with wait staff, delicious sweets and its wonder aroma permeated the shop, The second floor, closed to the public, served as the owner's personal library, filled with all sorts of collections and treasured volumes, and spirits invisible to ordinary people. The story began when Kaiji was unexpected gifted an old house by a client, thus embarking on this cultural fantastical journey. Mr. Yamashita helped Kaiji in resolving the crisis with the house, subdued the feline spirit masquerading as a white tiger within a painting. He also decided to rent the house, turning it into the Bai-Hua-Tang. It was a place for writers, gentiles and literatis to gather and mingle. However, a treasured item was stolen during an exhibition of ancient scrolls, marking the appearance of a thief only known as K. An atmosphere of intrigue descend upon this city of the north...
  • Character Introduction
    Mr. Yamashita/Portrayed by: Chang Ting-hu
    Runs the Bai-Hua-Tang. He has a mysterious past, is capable of communing with the spirits, and can lock subdued ground spirits within paintings. A person of excellent taste, he is well-acquainted with the gentiles, and secretly protects Kaiji and inhabitants of the city from danger.

    Kaiji/Portrayed by: Li Jia-ying
    Kaiji has recently took over a house gifted to her by a client, and unexpectedly embarked on this fantastical journey. She possesses a naturally sensitive constitution, capable of sensing the presence of demon and spirits. After encountering Mr. Yamashita, she rented the house to him, and volunteered to become a waitress at his coffee shop, experiencing each and every episode of this wondrous story.
  • Production Team
    Director: Kent Chang
    Executive Producer: Michael Lin
    Director of Photography: Dylan Doly

"Demo#1" Original Comic Theme Song and Music Video Exhibit

Awarded Best New Talent at the 6th Golden Comic Awards, Rockat is not only a comic artist, but also an occasional musician. Aside from the comic Demo#1, he also published a single of the same name. The audio from the music video of his reprinted comics was written by Chen Wei-Ru, who was nominated for Best Hakka Album, Best Hakka Singer, and Best Annual Album in the 28th Golden Melody Awards. The director of this MV was Beryl. It was then performed by internet singer Lichen, a perfect representation of the creative synergy across multiple disciplines, namely comics, music and video.
  • Introduction
    Living in this world,
    We are all but kept hamsters,
    Eating our standardized feed, living in our standardized cages…
    Such a huge world, such a tiny cage,
    The lonesome hamsters endlessly run along the wheel
    And endlessly dream of the….
              ── Nuclear Test (Hamster Dreams)   
    Sun – the vocalist of an indie band past its prime,
    Could only survive by appearing on variety shows, been poked at for fun.
    One day, the clear melody from Yong Kong Street Park stirred something in him.
    The dream of rock-n-roll, so near as to be able to reach it by hand, yet so far…
  • Production Team
    Comics Artist: Rockat
    Vocal: Lichen
    Single Producer: Chen Wei-Ru
    Music Video Director: Beryl